The Book


“Impact of the Ordinary”
by Christin A. Wolff

Her duty as a police dispatcher was to save lives, but when she couldn’t save her own husband not only did Abby Williams’ career end, her once secure world and life-defining purpose collapsed.  After nearly two years of hopelessness, grief, loneliness, and depression, she reluctantly agrees to accompany her elderly but manic next door neighbor on a three-week, wannabe USO-style tour of retirement homes.  The experience reignites the cold, damp wick of a spirit within Abby.  But, it also unleashes a battle in the spiritual realm that Justus, her guardian, had never dreamed of fighting.

Temptation, self-indulgence, hypocrisy, and pride dot Abby’s path like landmines in a field of war.  The ultimate plan of the enemy is to bring destruction to Abby through the relationships she holds most dear: her neighbor, her niece, and the man who shares her ugly secrets.  Valiantly, Justus fights, protecting her from the relentless attacks.  But his struggle is not only against the enemy but in Abby’s reluctance to see her true identity and value as a member of the Shepherd’s Bride.

“Impact of the Ordinary” is a story of one ordinary Christian battling and ultimately triumphing over the relentless assault against the single most important truth for every member of the  Shepherd’s Bride… your life does matter.

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