Go Fly a Kite

spiderman kiteOne sunny day on my way home from work I noticed a man flying a kite in a nearby field.  I was flooded with fond memories of flying kites with my dad when I was a kid.  I said to myself, “I need to do that one of these days.”  What I assumed was a fleeting thought persisted as the weeks went by.  Every time I passed that field I was reminded of my words.  The nudge I was feeling became a spiritual one.  I honestly felt as if it was the Lord saying to me… “Okay, so when are you going to do that?”

Finally I gave in.  One Sunday afternoon I went to the toy store and bought a kite.  It was a Spiderman kite.  I’d like to tell you I was excited about it but at this point I was a little embarrassed.  I was sure everyone in the store was wondering what this grown woman was doing with a Spiderman kite.  But there was no turning back now.  Embarrassed or not, I was going to fly a kite.  I also knew that if the Lord was prompting me to do it, there had to be some purpose for it.  There must be something He wanted to teach me.

I found an empty field nearby and put the kite together.  The breeze that day was gentle, but much to my surprise the kite took off with virtually no effort on my part.  I slowly unwound the string and let it soar.  Spiderman was flying high and he was looking right at me as he did.  As he flew, all of my self-conscious thoughts disappeared.  This was pure joy.  All the fond memories came back and it was just plain fun to be out on a beautiful day flying a kite!

As with all kite flying experiences there were times that I could feel the kite getting ahead of me.  The line was taut. It was striving to go further and higher.  I would wrestle to reel it in a little in order to regain control.  Other times the line was too loose.  The kite would pitch and turn and I was fearful that the wind would drive it into the ground so again I would reel it in until the connection was tight and secure.  Because the kite literally had “eyes” I noticed as long as good ol’ Spidey was looking at me, things were good. But if his eyes strayed we needed to readjust.

Finally the kite flying time came to an end.  I slowly reeled it in.  As it got closer I was expecting it to take a nose dive into the ground but surprisingly it didn’t.  With each turn of the reel the kite just came closer and closer to me until in the end there we stood… Spidey and I… face to face, nose to nose.  The wind continued to hold him up.  I may sound crazy to say this, but there was JOY in that kite.  It was almost like it was saying to me, “Look at what we just did!”

It was on the drive home that the Lord began to teach me what this kite flying was all about.  First, we are the kite and He is the Master Kite Flyer.

Second, we all have a purpose just as this kite had a purpose. That kite wouldn’t fly while it was still inside the package.  And, once it was put together, it wouldn’t have flown inside that toy store either.  It also wouldn’t have flown without someone flying it.  It may have taken flight on a windy day but it would have eventually been destroyed without someone in control.  When we trust God with our lives, He puts us together knowing what our purpose will be.  He puts us in the right environment where we will soar in our purpose.  And He sets us free to do our thing while still being connected to Him under his direction and protection.  And in all of this, there is great joy.  Not just joy for us but joy that we get to share with Him as He works with us and through us fulfilling His purpose for us in this world.

Third, we must keep our eyes on Him.  When we strive to soar under our own power, climb to new heights under our own strength our connection with the Lord is strained.  We wrestle with Him for control over our lives not wanting to yield to His authority.  It is only when we relinquish our will to His that the joy of fulfilling our purpose returns. There are other times when we let the circumstances we are in get a hold of us and blow us in every direction.  We swoop and sway not knowing which direction we’re going in or from where we’ve just come.  We’re out of control and our connection with the Lord is so loose we may feel as though we’re headed for a huge fall. But in both of these instances, the correction is the same… we must draw closer to the Lord.  The Lord is there to reel us in.  His desire is for us to turn to Him.  Fix our eyes on Him.  And, let Him regain control over our lives.  When our eyes are fixed on Him we not only soar to new heights but we overcome the winds of our circumstance by being grounded firmly in Him.

And finally… when it’s time to come home to Him, when our “flight” is finally over, there is even greater joy that awaits us.  As believers in Christ we know with confidence that the end of our life here on earth is the beginning our life with Him in His kingdom.  One day He will simply gather us into His arms where we will meet Him face to face.  At that moment, I can’t wait to look into His eyes and say, “Look at what we just did!”

May we live each day of our lives fulfilling the purpose He has intended for us, with the joy that we share with Him, keeping our eyes fixed on Him, so that when we are welcomed into His arms we can rejoice in what He, the Master Kite Flyer, accomplished through us.

Lord, thank you for making each of us with a purpose.  May we make a conscious decision every day to fulfill that purpose, relinquishing all control to you that we may bring you joy and the glory you deserve.  In Jesus’ name, amen.

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