The Power of Godly Men

I would guess she was about 9 years old.  A sweet young girl… adorable… determined.  She was sitting with her Aunt it appeared – a close female relative but not her Mama.  It was a point in our church service where several people moved to their designated places throughout the sanctuary to pray with those who requested it.  I saw a young man and woman in their early 20’s move to the aisle nearest me holding their “Can we pray for you?” paper sign.  Then I saw the little girl get up from her chair.  She made her way to the aisle barely waiting for her Aunt to join her.  She headed straight for the couple – more specifically, the male half of that couple.  I’m not sure she even noticed his beautiful wife next to him who bent down slightly to greet her.  Her eyes were on the handsome young man and instantly she began to pour out her heart.  Within seconds she was in tears as she spoke to him.  He awkwardly glanced at his wife then quickly returned the gaze of this hurting young girl.  His posture went from bending down slightly, to crouching, to kneeling, and at last to taking this young girl into his arms to hold her and pray over her.  His wife and the Aunt were now both in tears, their hands on each others’ shoulders joining him in his prayer for this sweet, tender-hearted girl.

I did not know any of the four people I have described. I don’t know what was troubling the little girl or what her prayer request was.  I don’t know where her parents were or what brought her to church that day.  What I do know was this young man became Jesus for that little girl in those few brief moments.  To be honest, he became Jesus to me to as I witnessed what was happening.

What incredible power this young man had in that moment.  Not power that he possessed, power that was delivered through his body and his words.  It was clear from wauching him that he for a moment felt ill equipped.  The look shot at his wife was a priceless, “What do I do here?” look of panic.  But God used him.  God filled him with instant assurance and allowed him to respond just as He would of… by getting on her level, looking into her eyes, holding her gently in his strong arms, and speaking words of love, care, and peace over her.  It was beautiful.

Witnessing this permanently changed my view of men.  Don’t get me wrong, I have never been anti-man by any means! 🙂  But I don’t think I ever realized the unique power that men have to show the true love of Jesus to the people in this world.  Whether that be to their spouse, their children, their co-workers, their neighbors… or like this young man, a little girl he never met before, they have the power to reflect the true love of Christ like no one else can!  What a tremendous privilege, blessing and mantle to bear.

That privilege is not just for Godly men, of course, it is the responsibility of all of us.  But for my readers who happen to be male, please don’t forget what a powerful gift you have to share.  Be the example in your family and to all of us of showing the love of Jesus to all those around you.  You do make a difference – not only to those you touch, but to those who watch you touch the lives of those around you.  We need you to lead the way.  We’re watching.  Your influence is powerful.

Lord, help all of us to realize that you want to show the world your love through us.  Help us never to take that for granted.  Help us to never assume someone else will do it.  Help us never to disqualify ourselves because we feel ill equipped.  You will provide.  And it is your desire for us to be your “glove” in the world.  Thank you, God, for wanting to use us as you touch the lives of those around us.  What a blessing and a gift that mantle is!  In Jesus’ precious name, amen.




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