You’re Even More Beautiful Than That!

  There is a video spreading across the internet that was produced by Dove Soap.  In it, a forensic artist sketches a group of women simply by having them describe themselves from behind a curtain (so he could not see them).  He then sketches the same woman by asking someone who just met her to describe her.  In most cases the two sketches pose a stark contrast to one another.  The closing tag line of the video is, “You’re more beautiful than you think.”  (Click the link above to watch it.)

The video sends a powerful message that I think most people can relate to.  We tend to be pretty hard on ourselves.  We nit-pick our looks and often see only our imperfections.  Perfect strangers see the beauty in us better than we can see it in ourselves.

But there is an even bigger picture that this video misses.  Something far more precious than the collective opinions of what our fellow humans think of our looks or our beauty.  It is how God sees you! 

I’m not sure I can capture into words the explosion of love that surges in me even as I type those words. Do you know how God sees you?  Do you have any idea how beautiful you are to Him?  It cannot be captured with paper and pencil.  Your beauty transcends the tangible.  He created every detail of you… every eye lash, every mole, every tooth, and every dimple.  He knew just where and how each precious feature of yours would be placed.  And when He was done, He said, “This is my masterpiece!”  

This video, while profound and cleverly done still leaves us empty.  There is so much more to life than being able to recognize our own beauty.  The sketches of an artist can’t compare to the sketch that God would draw of you! 

His love for you is so great.  He cannot take His eyes off of you.  Do you know Him?  Have you accepted the gift He has given you? 

What is that gift, you might ask?  The things we do wrong, the sin in our life does allow ugliness to enter into our picture.  It casts shadows over us.  It etches lines into us that we cannot erase.  It brings out in us behaviors that we don’t even want to acknowledge as our own.  And worst of all it causes a separation between us and God.  But God’s Word says, “But God demonstrates His own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us.”  (Romans 5:8) That means, at our ugliest, at our worst, when we hated Him the most, God made a way to remove the ugliness from our lives.  He sent His perfect Son to take the punishment for the things we did wrong.  His death removed that ugliness from us forever.  It allows Him to see us just as He created us… perfect and without a trace of ugliness.  So whether you have accepted the free gift of His Son or not, His desire is to see you with all the beauty He placed in you from the very beginning.

If we are to be His “glove” in the world we have got to recognize our beauty.  But it’s not the beauty that this video speaks of.  It’s much deeper than that. The truth is… it is HIS BEAUTY.  It’s His image we reflect onto the world.  It’s His love that’s in us.  It’s Him that makes these flesh and bones made of dust worth anything.  It is not merely the knowledge of our beauty… it is the knowledge of Who finds us beautiful!  Know you are beautiful in His eyes.  And if you haven’t accepted the free gift of His Son as your Savior… what are you waiting for?!  He loves you and wants to remove any trace of ugliness that has entered your picture.  All you have to do is ask Him.

On this Mother’s Day, I pray that you know the depth of your beauty.  It goes far beyond an artist’s sketch.  You were created by the One who created all beauty, the Artist who created all artists.  You are loved by the God of the universe.  So… B DA GLV, BEAUTIFUL!

1 thought on “You’re Even More Beautiful Than That!

  1. Wow! That was beautiful, CHris, and you have done it again! Your gift really shines through this one! Love it!

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