26 Acts

26actsWith one “tweet” NBC’s Ann Curry launched a worldwide campaign of kindness.  This is what she wrote on her Twitter account after the Newtown massacre, “Imagine if everyone could commit to doing one act of kindness for each precious life lost.  An act of kindness big or small.  Are you in?”  The stories we have heard have been amazing.  Thousands of people responding touching countless lives throughout the world.  Awesome!  It’s a “B DA GLV” kind of movement… or is it.

Hats off to Ann Curry for giving people something positive and constructive to do when all of us felt such a great sense of helplessness and grief.  The thousands upon thousands acts of kindness enacted all over the world means those 26 deaths were not in vain.  Something good came from this horrific mass murder.

26 Acts is a practical example of the “B DA GLV” principle.  There are some very clear similarities and one key difference.  Making ourselves available, thinking of others first, being motivated to love even perfect strangers, these are what the two have in common.  Love, love, and more love… it’s awesome!  But there is one key difference.

The motivation behind 26 Acts was to honor the 26 innocent people (mostly children) who were brutally murdered.  There is certainly nothing wrong with that.  To honor those precious, innocent children whose lives were stolen from them is a beautiful tribute.  And those heroic teachers and administrators, some of whom deliberately stood in harm’s way and took bullets in the place of their students, they too deserve our honor.  To draw people’s attention to these 26 people through acts of kindness is noble.

But it is in our motivation where there is a slight but important difference between 26 Acts and B DA GLV.   To B DA GLV in the world is also about honoring someone who was brutally murdered.  It’s about honoring a hero who saved countless others by willingly and deliberately giving his own life.  His name is Jesus.

What motivates me to want to “B DA GLV” in the world is to honor the One who saved me from certain death.  The things I have done wrong (and continue to do wrong) lead to death.  There is no getting around that.  But Jesus came to take my bullet.  He died so that I wouldn’t have to. He took my place.  Then He went even further… he beat death.  He didn’t stay dead!  And now because I believe that His love for me is that amazing, I get to beat death too.  

But how do I honor that?  How do I show appreciation for the kind of love that would leave the glory of heaven to come down to earth to die for me?  Do I honor him with one act of kindness, a dozen, a hundred, a thousand?  The truth is there is no number.  In fact, there is virtually nothing I myself can do that will fully honor what He has done for me.  So what I give Him everyday is myself… a living sacrifice, an empty glove.  I am not able to fill that glove myself. All the goodness and love I can muster will never be enough.  It’s Him who needs to fill that glove (me) with Himself.  I want to B DA GLV on His hand everyday to bring Him honor, so that the world knows who He is and what He did for me (and for YOU!).  

If you participated in the 26 Acts, good for you!  May God bless you and each person you touched through those acts.  I also want to invite you however to a lifetime of honoring One who knows you by name and gave His life for you.  He thought of you when those nails pierced His hands and He did it for you!  When you recognize and come to know His great love for you, God will be able to use you to reach far beyond 26 recipients with that same love.  You will be free from certain death and you will love far beyond your human capabilities.  God will use you to daily bring light into this very dark world.  If you don’t know His love, ask Him to show you today.  Acknowledge that His love was for you.  Let Him fill you.  You will never be the same.

Imagine what would happen, if the world knew the love of Jesus Christ was for them.  And that every act of kindness great or small came from a Love that wants to bring honor Jesus as Savior and Lord.  Are you in?

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