Convicted by an Atheist

I recently saw a webcast video that was recorded by Penn Jillette (of the famous magician duo Penn & Teller).  Penn, a devout atheist, speaks for more than 5 minutes about the experience he had of receiving a Bible from one of his fans.  I could write for pages about this clip, but I’d rather you hear and see it for yourself.  The fan he describes is a great example of someone “BN DA GLV.”  But listen too to what Penn says about Christians who don’t share their faith.  I was convicted.

Penn Jillette gets a gift of a Bible

Too often I am crippled, timid, and closed off from the people you have placed all around me – people who need You.  I have Your Spirit, the Spirit of the living God, existing within me and yet I cower, afraid of what someone might think of me if I talk about who You are and how great Your love is for them.  Forgive me, Lord.  Give me Your heart of compassion for others.  And, by the power of the Spirit who raised You from the dead, give me the courage to be bold in telling others of Your great love that saved me and is ready and waiting to save them too.   Thank you for Your patience and Your grace.

May all those You put in our path, come to see, know, and experience You… not because of us, but because of You in us.  And may Penn come to know You too.

In Jesus’ name… amen.

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