What Kind of Glove Are You?

The patient is under anesthesia and fully prepped.  The lights inside the operating room are shining brightly, the surgeon’s tools ready and waiting.  The nurses, technicians and assistants are in place.  The surgeon enters the operating room with scrubs and mask, approaches the heart transplant patient and asks for a scalpel to make his first incision.  The nurse picks up the tool and gasps as she looks down at the doctor’s hand… instead of surgical gloves, he’s wearing a baseball glove!

The name of this blog, “B DA GLV” (be the glove) is based on the concept that God chooses to touch others THROUGH His people.  We, as Christians, are like the glove on His hand.  We’re the tangible “accessory” of our invisible God.  Have you ever considered what kind of glove you are?

It was  my boss (and friend) Wes, who said to me the other day, “I just don’t want to be a baseball glove on His hand!”  Me neither, Wes!!!  What a great analogy.  There are plenty of times I feel as though I am the stiff, ill-fitting, webbed-fingered, awkward hunk of leather that He’s desperately trying to break in.  I can just picture Him having to “tag” the intended recipient of His love on the hip or across the shoe laces because of the faulty equipment He’s working with.

BUT, the truth of the matter is… We are in the hands of the Master!  He could do heart surgery with a baseball glove on His hand!!!  So no matter what kind of glove we are: baseball glove, surgical glove, or fuzzy-wuzzy woolen mitten… God can use us to touch others!!!  Even in our most clumsy and awkward moments, His love comes shining through us if we willingly let Him move. In fact, I believe that it is in our most foolish moments that He is MOST glorified.  Praise God!

So no matter what kind of glove you are… BE IT!  Be a willing participant in God’s desire to use you to touch the world… your world, the place where He’s got you today!

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