Better Than a Trip to the Moon

I was a shy third grader, a bit socially challenged, and school phobic.  My teacher, Mrs. Albright had put me in a small reading group to try to break me out of my shell.  It was me and seven boys.  We were discussing the story of the astronauts going to the moon when she said it.

“I just want you boys to know, someday Christin and I are going to be the first women astronauts to go to the moon.”

I looked up at her startled.  I thought to myself, ME?…go to the moon?…with you?  The boys in the group were quiet… for once.  Their eyes were on me and all I could do was sit up a little taller in my chair and smile.  My imagination ran wild and I stared at Mrs. Albright in disbelief.  Really?  Me and you?

That moment in third grade had an impact on me that has lasted a lifetime.  Of course Mrs. Albright and I never made it to the moon together (not yet, anyway).  But she gave me something that day that was far better than a trip to the moon.  The message that one sentence delivered to me was 1) I was special;
2) there were big plans for me; and 3) I wasn’t alone.

Now I’m sure that Mrs. Albright didn’t have a clue the impact that one sentence would have in shaping my life.  I’m sure she doesn’t even remember she said it.  But that didn’t matter… God knew!  God knew that she was the one He designed to deliver that message to me.  He knew the power those words would have on me He just needed a willing servant to deliver them.  He found that in her.  All she had to do was be willing… be willing to be “His glove” and He would do the rest.

That’s what “BN DA GLV” is all about.  We have no idea how our words or our actions are going to influence someone — but God does.  Our job is to be willing to let Him work and let His love flow right through us and into the lives of others.

A post script to this story:  I was in my hometown of Racine, Wisconsin this past Thanksgiving.  I was out with my sister and mom doing some souvenir shopping.  We hopped from store to store for what seemed like forever not really finding what we were looking for.  Throughout our quest my sister kept mentioning Millaeger’s but for one reason or another we never made it there.

Finally, we headed for home.  As we settled in for the night I mentioned to my mom that I would like to try Millaeger’s.  Since we had done so much running around I figured I would just do it on my own either later that evening or the next day.  To my surprise she said, “Let’s go!”  My sister and dad agreed and we all piled back into the car and headed out to one last store.
When we got there my sister and I were looking around when suddenly she turned to me and said, “There’s Mrs. Albright!”  Sure enough, there, right in front of me was my third grade teacher.  She was just as I remembered her.  My sister began to re-introduce us but none was necessary.  As I hugged her I felt like that little 9 year old girl all over again.  Clumsily I mentioned the astronaut story and told her how much her words meant to me.  As I suspected, she didn’t recall the conversation but none of that mattered.  Our reunion was amazing and something I will never forget.  What a gift!  (And, by the way, I never did find the souvenir I was looking for.  What I found was so much better!)

And from that wonderful reunion came the same message… 1) I am special.  Special enough for God to give me the gift of reuniting with this dear teacher of mine.  2) He has big plans for us.  His plans even include reunions with special people.  (Do you realize all of the things that had to be orchestrated in order for us to “bump into each other.”  Amazing!)  3) We are not alone.  Not only because He is always with us, but because His plans for us include other people.  It’s through people that His love is made known to the world… and to each human being.

I hope that you can be like Mrs. Albright was for me… His “glove” of love wherever and whenever He wants to use you.

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