Rising Up in Victory

I had the great privilege of being in New York City on the 10th anniversary of 9-11.   The first day of my trip, I took the subway to the World Trade Center.  I had been there before but I was eager to see the progress that had been made on the new skyscraper.  When I emerged from the subway tunnel the first thing I saw was One World Trade… and it took my breath away.

As I made my way around the block unable to take my eyes off of the 100 story building I couldn’t help but think back to what had happened 10 years ago.  I put myself in the shoes of those who were looking up that day watching smoke and fire billow from two indomitable towers of strength that could no longer hold the paper that sat atop desks. Life for all of us changed that day.  We felt less safe, less secure.  But for New Yorkers, the towers that welcomed them home everyday, no longer existed.

As I made my way around the block I saw hundreds of construction workers sitting down in the adjacent streets taking their lunch break.  There was a palpable sense of pride that filled the streets.  A spirit that said, “We are not victims, but victors!  We will not be defeated but we will rise up and be stronger.”  While the sadness of what happened there still remains, the sense of certain victory overshadows it respectfully.  The new tower stands guard over the former twin tower footprints, shining as a beacon of hope, a guardian of strength, and a protector over the historical event that occurred there.  The tragedy will never be forgotten, but the pride and unity are firmly in place to lift the spirits of those who visit.

So how does this relate to our commission as Christians to “B DA GLV?”  We all have places of strength in our lives.  People, places, family members, vocations, or parts of our personalities that serve as bastions of safety and strength for us; things that makes us feel at home everyday.  But sometimes the Lord allows these towers of strength in our lives to fall.  That fall can be devastating.  It can fill us with grief, disappointment, disbelief, and terror.  It can cause us to falter, to wonder how we will go on.  It makes us see our world differently – a less safe place to be.

But God is our true source of stability.  No matter what falls in our lives He is the palpable hope that rises up out of the ashes and keeps us grounded.  While we may still experience the grief and sadness and devastation of whatever loss we go through, ultimately our hope is in Him.  He is Who we cling to.  He is the power behind the rebuilding of our lives.  He is the foundation upon which we build.  Imagine those whom you know and love who do not have Him in their lives.  When the towers of their lives crumble, who do they cling to?  We have a precious gift of security that is meant to be shared with the world.  The next time your friend or family member has a tower crumble, grieve with them, comfort them, be “da glove” and share with them the Hope that is Jesus Christ.

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