How Can I Love You Today?

It wasn’t exactly a thought, and it wasn’t exactly an audible voice. But those words, “How can I love you today?” were suddenly in my head and I knew I didn’t put them there. I believe it was the Lord and I knew immediately that He wasn’t asking me the question (as though He were taking my order at Burger King). He was telling me… this was to be my question of others.

Maybe not literally… I don’t think He really expected me to walk up to perfect strangers on the street and ask them, “Hello. How can I love you today?” I’d have been locked up! But I felt His desire was for me to ask myself, “What can I do to love this person?”

How could I know? How could I truly know how to love a perfect stranger? Or let’s try an easier example. If I define love as an action rather than a feeling, can I truly know at any given moment what I can do that will show my family member or friend the kind of love they need to feel at that moment in time? Maybe… on a good day… I could get really lucky, and I might be close. But certainly I cannot know with any precision how to love someone — particularly a stranger. So what was He asking me to do exactly?

Well, I believe the key is… even if I am completely clueless in showing love to others, GOD IS LOVE! Not only does He know how to show that love, His greatest desire is for all to know that love and to experience it. And WE are the ones He has chosen to deliver it! The fact is, I can’t know, but if I trust in Him and am willing to let Him use me to love others in whatever circumstance He chooses, I can be an instrument of His love.

Haven’t you had the experience of calling someone who wasn’t expecting your call, only to hear them say, “I was just thinking about you!” Or have you run into someone at the grocery store who said, “Thanks, I really needed to see a friendly face today.” Or maybe you’ve been on the receiving end of one of those encounters. Well, I hate to tell you this, but that was the Lord’s doing – not yours! Isn’t it awesome that He is a God of precision and design. He chooses to deliver His love at exactly the right time and with such precision that had it been anyone else delivering it, it would not have been the same!

Just this week I was reminded of one of my favorite verses, Ephesians 2:10. In the original Greek it actually says, “We are His masterpiece, having been created in Christ Jesus, for the good works that God previously prepared, that we should walk in them.” What I love about this verse is that these experiences of delivering His love in the lives of others were laid out for each of us long before we were ever born! And we were created and specifically designed by the Master Craftsman to deliver them. All we’ve got to do is walk in them!!!

Are our hearts tuned in to His? Are we willing to listen and respond obediently to His nudging when He prompts us to touch the lives of those around us? Or are we to distracted by life, or by our own selfish thoughts. He prepared those acts of love ahead of time… they’re there just waiting for us to do. Let’s commit to walking in His ways!

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