Are You a Dam or a River?

I had heard it a million times! Growing up in the church it was a hard message to miss. Growing up as the daughter of a pastor it was impossible to avoid! Yeah… yeah… I get it. Love God. Love others. But did I?

I knew that I was to love God because He loved me first. It would be natural for me to want to love Him back for all that He, His Son, and His Spirit had done for me.

As for loving others… well, that’s just what good Christians do, right? If we really love God, it should be automatic that we love others, of course!

So, on my best day, I would get up in the morning and prepare to “love the heck” out of others! I was going to be the most loving person I could be. …and then… I got on the freeway. Without going into the ugly details can you see how quickly my good intentions were derailed? Can you relate?

Then the Lord showed me 1 John 4:7-21. There are many layers to these verses but the easiest place to start is verse 7. “Dear friends, let us love one another, for love comes from God.” What? You mean to tell me that this love I’m supposed to love others with isn’t MY love? (Can I hear a “WHEW?”)

As I’ve said in previous posts, what I am starting to learn is that God’s love for us is so enormous we cannot begin to fathom it! Nor can we or should we try to contain it! We are not designed to be a dam – holding onto His love indefinitely only to spring an occasional leak on someone. Instead we are to be a river filled to capasity with love from the Source, gushing and flowing not only to us but right through us into the lives of everyone He puts in our path. (Yes, even those drivers on the freeway!)

Knowing His love for us and loving others has to go hand in hand. He doesn’t need our love. He needs our WILLINGNESS to let His love flow through us! So what about you? Are you a dam or a river?

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