But Why Do You Love Me?

Except for the hum of the dryer, and the clicks of the buttons and bra hooks rhythmically tapping the drum I heard nothing. I thought it was an important question.

It was a Saturday, as I recall. I laid across the middle of my bed tracing the embroidered design of the bedspread with my finger waiting for the buzz that signaled it was time to fold. “Lord,” I said. “I know why I love you. You sent your Son to die for me. You forgive all my sins. You provide for me. You have a place in heaven waiting for me. I know why I love you… but why on earth do you love me?”

Perhaps the cat thought I was speaking to him. The title of “Lord” was only slightly less than what he thought of himself. He jumped up onto the bed and moved his head so that my fingers now traced the intricate details of his tabby coat.

Suddenly there were sentences in my head which had all the appearances of my own thoughts and yet were not. As though I were reading them aloud to myself I heard, “I know why your cat loves you. You feed him. You clean up after him. You pet him. You play with him. But why do you love him?”

The answer came without the need for thought, without the need to check for agreement from my heart, mind, or soul. “Because he’s MINE!”

Then the thought that was not my own said, “Exactly.”

God’s love for us is unearned, undeserved, and unimaginable. It is not because of what we do for Him but because of who we are to Him… we are His!

May you know His intimate love for you. Don’t let another minute of your life pass by without knowing and believing His love for you is real and it is yours!

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