What Does It Mean to “B DA GLV?”

My friend Robin and I started meeting weekly for prayer a little over a year ago. Neither of us knew at the time exactly what we were doing or what we were to expect but we continued to ask the Holy Spirit to teach us. He did not disappoint!

One theme that continued to come through whenever we met was the amazing love of God. Both of us had been Christians for many years. Of course, we knew of God’s love! But all of a sudden, His great love began to be revealed to us in a new way. “God is love” was no longer a placid nicety we had once learned in Sunday School. It was real! It was vibrant! It was alive! And it was IN US!

This sudden realization of God’s amazing love changed our perspective on everything… colors looked brighter, the southern California mountains looked more beautiful, and people… people looked more precious than ever before and more in need of His love. What we quickly realized was that God’s love cannot STOP with US! Yes, He loves us but just as importantly HE LOVES OTHERS and He has a great desire to use us to show His love to others.

I wish I could take credit for Robin’s illustration… it’s amazing! But she has given me permission to use it. (Thanks, pal!) We, as believers in Christ, are to be the glove on God’s hand. When He wants to reach out and touch someone who crosses our path He wants to be able to slip us on like a glove and let His love flow through us and into others. The way He shows that love is not up to us… it’s not even our love! But He allows us the great privilege of being used by Him to touch others. We get a front row seat to see Him at work. All we need to do is be willing. Willing to sacrifice our own will and let Him love through us!

This blog is dedicated to the practice of “being the glove.” (By the way, Robin as has a penchant for license plates hense the clever abbreviation.) I hope you will enjoy reading it and posting your comments. All glory to Him and His great love!

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